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Balanced Reciprocity

Balanced Reciprocity The Hathors through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

The time during early September 2013 is about utilizing the powers of word, expression, communication, and creativity in order to break away from old limiting forms and structures by assisting you in clarifying your perfected vision from your soul heart. This will allow you to shift, transform, transmute, alter, or change anything in your life that no longer supports the perfected vision of who you are and who you are becoming.

Take the time now to go within. Go deep into your soul and psyche, taking stock in who you are, how you present and express yourself in your life and the world, and what you sense deeply is no longer congruently feeding you by clearing and letting it go. This will assist in easing the flow of energies in this powerful transformational month of September 2013.

Earth Is Moving Back into Balance

As Saturn moves toward conjunction with the Moon’s North Node in Scorpio, all that is hidden — whether conscious or unconscious — shall come floating to the surface to be transformed, integrated, and healed. This will bring harmony to the individual psyche, companies, countries, groups, organizations, and religious sects alike. Emotions shall run deep and intense as the Earth Mother, Panden, Hades, and Kronos delve deep, pointing out where balanced reciprocity is lacking, individually and collectively, on Earth. Particularly, they bring attention to all relationships — with people, places, things, circumstances, and ideas.