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Ascension Is Linked to Changes in DNA

Ascension Is Linked to Changes in DNA Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

Many of you have expressed interest in wanting to become a channel for information from beings such as ourselves to help humanity. It is such a wonderful experience for us to be able to share our guidance with you through these means. You are at a place in your human development that has helped you be able to experience our communications much more easily than ever before. There are many reasons for this, some of which we will explain to you here.

We will just mention technology and spiritual development due to the release of fear as well as the cosmic forces and global shifting that has occurred. But the primary information that we will share with you today is about your DNA changes. We are always happy to share information with you that will aid in the development and ascension of our children, and we would now like to share a few things that may help you in your search.

About Channeling

We respond to people who have had experiences that have brought them to us through a heart connection. We only respond to and use those who have purity in their hearts. The levels of maturity and self-awareness are also important factors and are directly linked to the heart center. We are willing to communicate through all of you, but we have discovered that humans have responded more to difficult experiences and have grown and matured through these means.