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Adopt an Attitude of Kindness

Adopt an Attitude of Kindness Donna Taylor

Remember Aesop’s fable about the Wind and the Sun? They were having a dispute about who was stronger, so the Sun challenged the Wind to see who could succeed in getting a man who was walking down the road to remove his coat. The Wind, being a dynamic sort of being, elected to go first. He puffed and he blew ,and the man gripped tighter onto his coat. This frustrated the Wind, who blew even harder, but still the man held tightly onto his coat. Eventually, the Wind gave up and said to the Sun, “I can’t do it. You have a go.” So the Sun came out from behind a cloud and shined his golden rays upon the man. In no time at all, the man took off his coat and continued on his way, whistling merrily as he went.

This little tale has particular relevance for the first week in September, since a frustrating square from Saturn to Mars will essentially create a mood of blocks, delays, and hindrance. We can always choose to use force to get what we want, but like the Wind, we might exhaust ourselves in the process and actually not get very far at all. It’s far better to just enter the experience of whatever is or isn’t happening in our lives and adopt an attitude of kindness. If things aren’t moving fast enough, well, enjoy the slower pace. If a barrier pops up — like a computer that won’t work — take the opportunity to go do something else instead. By finding a way to enjoy life, despite its frustrations, you might find that events magically turn themselves around in your favor. So the big message for the first week and a half is to focus on being rather than doing. And don’t forget the value of patience!

Deepening Relationships

On September 11, Venus enters Scorpio, intensifying the mood — at least as far as relationships are concerned. As the goddess of love and beauty edges closer to her meeting with Saturn, this week is an opportune time for all of us to look at deepening our relationships with certain people and fostering greater intimacy. So if you have been feeling a distance between yourself and another, use these planetary energies to take a step closer to the other person. It might be time to make a commitment or to show someone how you feel about him or her. It is easy to take people for granted, especially when they’ve been in your life for a long time, but we all need appreciation. So look for the little acts of kindness that other people show you, and really feel your gratitude. Any relationship that is in trouble will probably be difficult to avoid now, but by being courageous and acknowledging that something is wrong, you can take steps to making it right. This is an ideal time to not just listen to others but to really feel where they’re coming from. So if you ask someone to share how he or she feels, be prepared to accept whatever that person says without feeling the need to get defensive. Hopefully you too can have your say and then allow your hearts to meet in forgiveness and understanding.