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The Transformation Process Is Happening

The Transformation Process Is Happening The Orion through Bente Hansen

While you may fret and be concerned with many of the Earthly cares that plague most of the civilizations upon the planet, know that, as with all civilizations, these cares and worries that feel imminent and possibly even threatening are but a passing storm.

You are aware, for example, that whenever there is a major storm approaching in your locality, there is great preparation for this and there is focused energy and concentration on the storm. Yet you survive the storm as it passes through and then you get on with picking up the pieces, so to speak. You then recover from any damages that result from the passing storm, and in time you forget about it.

It is much the same with what is happening at the moment within your culture and society. Many of the collapses of the economies and markets that you observe worldwide are part of the transition. You know this in your mind and heart. Yet because so much of your reality is predicated on being a part of this familiar environment, there is a part of you that says, “What will I do? What can I do? How will I cope when these changes manifest?”