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Taking a Momentous Leap of Faith

Taking a Momentous Leap of Faith Archangel Michael through Sharon Taphorn

Dearly beloveds, it is with great honor that I join with you on this day. You are such brilliant sparks of light; it is a pleasure to sit in your energy, just as much as it is a pleasure for you to sit within our love. There is no greater honor than to be a human in lesson on Earth at this time.

We Angels Are Here to Help, Hold, and Love You

It is humbling to watch and assist in the transformation that is taking place in your time. We of the angel realm are so very honored to be your assistants and servants of the light and to help you bring more light and love into your world.

It is not always easy, but we are with you in your darkest hours, holding you and loving you. In those times when you feel that sense of despair and are discouraged from your path, you should call on your angels and ask them to help you find a better way. Share your heart with us, as we do not judge, we only love you. These dark nights of the soul, as you like to call them, are really a death, a letting go of an old, outdated you. Your thoughts, feelings, and energy have changed so that the old you no longer fits.