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Shamanic Wisdom: The Untapped Power of the Right Brain Is the Key to Our Ascension

Shamanic Wisdom: The Untapped Power of the Right Brain Is the Key to Our Ascension Jan Engels-Smith

Earth itself is in ascension. We are in a process of change that portends the possibility of wonderful differences in the future. The earth is responding to the needs of humanity to connect in more meaningful ways with our highest aspirations for momentous change to our current condition. Our Mother Earth understands better than we that existence can and must offer wonderfully positive purpose for all of us and we have only to connect to understand and benefit.

Using Our Right Brains to Create Powerful New Connections

We often feel that we are buffeted by powerful forces beyond our control. But the earth reminds us that our unity with nature and our recognition that we are part of a larger cosmic force helps us to see the greater power of a spirit that exists in the universe that overwhelms the negative vibrations of the daily news of war, tragedy, and loss. Employing the right brain creates this connection for us and allows us to erase the blind spots in our view of possibilities. Many of us who work in the metaphysical sectors are major right-brain users.

Shamanic values and New Age ideas have offered a different way of being. We have all heard of the concepts of unity and oneness, living in love, and focusing on our commonalities rather than our differences. These ideas are actually fourth- and fifth-dimensional realities. In this realm, we become aware of how we are connected to each other and to the universe. The spirits and the nonphysical beings who share this planet with us are commonly revealed in these dimensions.