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Power and Relationship

Power and Relationship Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

Now when we look at what is unfolding, we see that you are being asked to fulfill a role that has been in place for you for quite some time, that of a world server. We also see that you are now fulfilling this role in a very natural, easy way. It is a role of being who you are so thoroughly and so completely and so authentically that there is really no difference between your personality and your soul. What you are expressing is this wholeness — the integrated state of being that simultaneously allows for tremendous compassion and emotional detachment in order for you to be of assistance and provide good discernment. This wholeness ultimately allows you to be the being that you are here to be — a part of the whole panoply of human individuations.

All individuals are beginning to sense their position. We don’t mean positions within a hierarchy. We mean this as a different kind of ordering principle that we have called holarchy, in which individuals are beginning to kind of sift through a sieve and come through the particular hole that is appropriate for them, ending up in a place where they are going to be of the greatest service and where they are going to be able to express themselves wholly, completely, and in safety.

The Shifting of Human Fascination from Power to Relationship

When we look at the current situation that is unfolding all over the world, we would say that many people are acting out of fear, trying to find a safe position to land. Many other people are acting out of a kind of loving trust and landing naturally in a position that is of the utmost safety and security. From our perspective, the essential difference is being clearly delineated between trying to find safety and security and trying to get to a position that you believe is going to provide you with that, and trusting that, and naturally landing inside of that. Even though it seems as if it is such a subtle line to draw, in the long run, it is an incredibly important distinction to be made.