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Own Your Mastery Riding the Waves

Own Your Mastery Riding the Waves The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from Home. The vibrations from Home are those of celebration. We are celebrating a landmark, a level of vibration that all of humanity has now reached. Yes, it is difficult for most of you because when you move from one level to the next very quickly, it means that when you reach the new level, you have to learn to walk again. You have to learn how to use your new energies and to anchor yourself through your new knowledge, your new perceptions. It is especially difficult when you move as fast as you have been moving. That is part of the reason why you have felt this energy coming in as waves, for that is how it has been on this planet. Just about the time you get your footing from the last wave, the next wave comes in and takes you on a new journey.

Many of you have been going through repetition after repetition to try and ground your new energy. The challenge with that is that it will feel quite differently when you ground in the new energy. It does not have the same stability that you are so accustomed to. You reach the point that you say, “When I feel right, I will move.” Until then, you are waiting for everything to come around you, but what we are telling you is that you will not feel right until you move — until you actually start moving.

Most of you have been trying to compensate for these waves of energy that have been coming in. Well, they will continue coming, for that is the way it works. It may even feel as if you have three waves that push you forward and then one that pulls you back, but do not be discouraged. Sometimes humans move so quickly that a step backward is actually necessary for your own physiology. Do not judge yourselves for that, because you are moving as fast as you can move.