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Journey of Expansion

Journey of Expansion Metatron and Amma through Cathy Chapman

I am having difficulties, and my head’s kind of a mess. Could this be related to negative consequences of removing implants or changing encodements? It hasn’t been easy, I would say, but over the past month, it’s become easier. I’ve been having stuff come up, and then I recognize what it is. I’m kind of enjoying the process. I’m recognizing there are parts of me that I don’t recognize, and I’m just sending a lot of love to those parts. I don’t know how to access them, so I’ve been using soul healing a lot. I figure there’s a lot going on that I don’t have access to that the soul healing angels do, and they can heal that.

Greetings to you, beings of light. I am Metatron of the light of God. I have come in to answer this rather painful question. When you are doing spiritual work and it seems that things are getting worse, you begin to doubt whether spiritual work is worth it. You wonder whether it is something that should be done or whether it would be better to do it more slowly, or even just “put the toothpaste back into the tube” and forget about it.

I want to talk about spiritual work in general and what it does, not just to you as a soul incarnated on this planet, but also what your spiritual work is doing universally and galactically to All That Is. Also, how do you know if what you are doing is correct or right for you? You are human — you know that — and you feel that humanness deeply in the pain. You feel most human when you are in pain. When you are feeling the love, excitement, and joy, you don’t feel human. You transcend that human body, and then you move into that experience of oneness that you can often have in that transcendence. You feel most isolated when you are in the humanness of pain.