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It’s Time to Get Practical

It’s Time to Get Practical Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Well, my dears, let’s talk of something practical. This is your friend, Merlin, and I think it’s time to get down to what you call “brass tacks.” And the first ingredient in getting practical is to take an objective look at where you are right now in your life journey.

Know You Are Loved

Now you might want to criticize your own steppings; however, that’s not exactly what I am suggesting. Firstly, set aside those critical eyes and take a deep breath. Begin by knowing that you are loved throughout the universe, that the one called your Divine Mother holds you ever dear to her heart of hearts, and that there are many spirit beings who are ready to assist you with everything that is beautiful and helpful to your fulfillment within this current journey.

You might be in the habit, so to speak, of reading or hearing those words and just skimming over them, as if they are a given. Well, they are a given, but they are the truth and, more so, they can be — if you choose — the foundation on which you go forth in this moment of objective viewing and also the foundation for your entire journey.