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Go with the Changes

Go with the Changes Donna Taylor

The other day I was contemplating how my messages for the Sedona Journal have changed in recent years. When I first began writing back in 2004, my columns were much lighter in comparison to what I find myself writing these days. Life seemed easier back then — more carefree — before the apparent darkness of 2008 with its global recession descended. Now when I gaze at the charts for the month in question, I repeatedly see a barrage of heavy or volatile planetary alignments, which I try to translate in as positive a way as I can!

I know that life for many people isn’t easy right now, yet I also realize that we are at a huge point of change, and change, as we know, is often stressful. And so we struggle on, accepting that we are moving through turbulent times and quietly wondering when things will get easier. The first path toward an easier existence is to embrace the changes that the universe is pushing us to make. Unfortunately, many people are too busy or too trapped in fear to make the changes that might in the long run help them to be less stressed or to lead more fulfilling lives. Instead, people are being swept along by the fast-flowing current of life, managing to cling only to that which appears to be most important. And it’s only when a major event happens — such as an accident, a job loss, a health issue, or a relationship breakdown — that we are forced to stop and take stock. Ideally, we don’t want to have to reach a crisis point before we make changes, and that’s where Uranus and Pluto come in.

Effects of Uranus and Pluto’s Movement

These two planets have been steadily moving toward forming a sharp angle in the sky over the past two years. The first exact square was a few months ago in June, but we all saw the effects of the planets’ approach long before that with last summer’s riots in London and earlier in that year with the uprisings in the Middle East. The ongoing collapse of the economy is also reflected by the Uranus-Pluto square, and for people wondering when all this uncertainty, change, and frantic state of affairs will settle down, the answer, I’m afraid, isn’t anytime soon.