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The Fourth Dimension: A Preview

The Fourth Dimension: A Preview Isis through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Isis. Greetings.

You have said there are no such things as angels. Tell me who the beings we call angels really are.

“Angel” is just a word that is provided for beings. You understand that when religion got going — going back a few thousand years — it was a word applied to something that already existed. You could easily say guides, spirit teachers, or angels — same thing. You could also say gold lightbeings or the other forms of benevolent lightbeings — angels. The words are interchangeable. That is what is meant by the statement made in the past: There are no such things as angels. But in reality there is such a thing. It is just that the words are synonymous.

That is why in the past some of the famous paintings tended to show gold light around angels or suggested gold and white light. This is just another way of suggesting — and I might add “with religion’s approval” — going back several hundred years to the old masters’ classic paintings, suggesting that lightbeings and angels are the same things. It is interesting to note that even in those days hundreds of years ago, the heads of various churches and the ones who might have communicated with these painters, who were not the heads but were their representatives, were perfectly happy to suggest that angels and lightbeings were one and the same. They weren’t necessarily wanting to spell it out and speak to people about those things. They knew in their times it was necessary to keep things very simple and uncomplicated. For one thing, people weren’t reading books — for obvious reasons — and the words they had available to speak and understand were very limited. A dictionary of common usage in those days would have been a few pages long in the English language — nothing like today. So the word “angels” was picked, and yet they were perfectly happy to suggest to contemporary people who might see such paintings — and future generations — that they did understand that lightbeings and angels are the same beings.