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Familial Integrity: The Story of Africa

Familial Integrity: The Story of Africa Lily and the Group through Beverley Bright Star

We are here today to introduce you to a concept that may be unfamiliar to a lot of you. It is a concept called “familial integrity.” We are introducing it into the group consciousness of humankind. It has much to do with the family unit, yes, but it must be seen as a moral preceptor of sorts — a sort of logo for humanity to move toward and strive for as an ideal, if you will. You are all family to each other, whether you recognize that yet or not. Through this story, you should begin to see each other — each race, each creed, each country — as one.

A Chance Meeting

There once was a miner name K’alen T’inkatae. He used to dig for gold in the Sudan, but now he was employed as a day laborer at a work camp farther south. This man was a very spiritual man upon the earth. He was not married yet because in his heart he had a mission, some duty that he felt sure that he was supposed to fulfill. However, he was having a lot of trouble figuring out just what that duty might be.

So he drifted from job to job, trying this and that, ever searching for that something that he knew he would feel when he discovered it. Poor K’alen ended up searching for many years, but his prayer had been heard and the desires of his heart would be fulfilled — he just knew it. As the years went by, he even started to try to visualize it, to pull it to himself, and he began to sense that he was very close, very close indeed, to materializing it.