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Declarations of Independence, Codependence, and Interdependence

Declarations of Independence, Codependence, and Interdependence Thomas Jefferson through Riz Mirza

My name is Thomas and I have come to speak on freedom here on the eve of such a glorious occasion as a day to celebrate freedom, independence from powers that oppress you, from a form of authority that deems itself to be lord and dictator over your actions, your thoughts ... indeed your very futures [Channel’s Note: This channeling took place on July 3, 2012]. I speak of that royal government, that treacherous hand that reaches across oceans to control your life, your liberty, and indeed your pursuit — your manifestation — of happiness. What are these powers? Where do they come from? Certainly from your mind — the fear, the doubts, the insecurities, the not knowing where your future lies. You have come to see that if you can see the present clearly, the future is not far behind.

Those of my colleagues, my brethren, who helped shape certain destinies in this particular nation were guided with great clarity and vision by a force that for some is known and for most is unknown, for your history books never mention being guided by a light or a thought or guides or angels. The declarations that were drawn up indeed were channeled documents. By the phrase “all men” what was indeed meant was human beings, not the exclusion of women or children or other races as commonly interpreted.

We knew not what we were writing at that moment. We knew that it was truth. We were unaware where this force of words was coming from exactly. What we knew was that in this zone that we were in, the words were true. It mattered not whence they came, for as the messages rings true through your very beings, the messenger is not important.