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Dancing with the Divine Imperative to Become and Evolve

Dancing with the Divine Imperative to Become and Evolve Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, I greet you as Earth moves toward the final quarter of 2012, inching ever closer to the 12–21–12 date that will close the Mayan calendar’s long-count cycle [see The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology by José Argüelles, Bear & Company, Rochester, VT, 1987].

A Wake-Up Call Is Sounding in Your Deep Consciousness

Some global forecasters have hinted that perhaps the 2012 winter solstice will mark the point for Earth’s ascension, or perhaps the beginning of some ascension movement among Earth’s offspring. Whether or not this is literally the case, there is merit in approaching this astrological gate humbly, recognizing that a huge range of possibilities are waiting in the offing of a new horizon for Earth. The advice I would offer up front is to stay awake and witness the planetary process with highly engaged curiosity. Oh, yes, it is probably a good idea to give up all attachments to specific outcomes. Rather than looking for things to arise and flow in a certain manner, open wide the eyes of your evolving consciousness, but do so without holding to any agenda.

Clearly, the ending point of one era is also the beginning point of the following era. While Hollywood has offered a number of tragic apocalyptic scenarios for how the end times may appear, they are mostly based in fear projections, since these are what seem to sell the most tickets. That aside, many of you are beginning to feel an inner opening to a creative force that may as yet be unnamed for you. Indeed, a call to awaken is sounding now in your own deep levels of consciousness, and you have a choice: Either you can awaken from the sleepy trances of limitation and disempowerment, or you can move deeper into the trance. The choice is yours.