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Awakening Your Spiritual Blueprint

Awakening Your Spiritual Blueprint Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Today we are talking about your blueprint, the so-called map of your life, drafted in the etheric fabric. Before you are even conceived, you plan the life you will have. You select your parents and add a multitude of possibilities — more than you can ever get to — for your Earth life, and you have free will to choose among those possibilities. You come into this life as a fourbodied entity and navigate this realm with your physical body while your love resides in your emotional body and your brain comprises your mental body. Your spiritual body, connected to you in this dimension yet also connected to the etheric realm, is the most intricate part of your journey and is as real as you are, active in your world from the day you are born until the day you leave this plane of consciousness.

Your Two Blueprints

You have two blueprints, your birth blueprint in your pineal gland and your spiritual blueprint. The pineal gland, the size of a grain of rice and shaped like a pinecone, is in your head, just underneath the brain, and holds your birth blueprint in perfection. Your birth blueprint contains all of your completed goals and is complemented by the spiritual blueprint, which holds the DNA in perfection and shadows your journey. In other words, the spiritual blueprint knows your extended journey in perfection and can show you how to accomplish the completions in the birth blueprint. Your higher self is always aware of what you are doing, and if you are a spiritualist, you can meditate and have your spiritual body connect to your higher self to help you on your journey, or guide you on your path, taking your blueprint into consideration.

You reach your higher self by meditating and asking your spiritual body to connect with it. Meditate every day and you will have the benefit of guidance to help you navigate your journey, because your higher self knows the details of your blueprint, which are held in the two strands of DNA that are active in the third dimension. When you have an illness or disease, or an unlearned lesson, your DNA is out of perfection and must be healed. That is why you heal the DNA in signature cell healing.