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Angels: Messengers of Light

Angels: Messengers of Light Almine

Interview of the Seer Almine by Sandra and Denise, Canada

What can you tell us about the origins of angels?

To understand this, we have to understand time and space, because the functions of angels is very closely associated with their formation. Time is entrapment; it keeps us on the circular page of the past, present, and future. This is a treadmill that we must step off of, to remember once again our eternal selves as the source of our unique expressions of infinite intent.

Identity forms from our accumulated story as we travel through time. Sages throughout the ages have stated that it is necessary to discard our identities and to remember that we are indescribable, eternal, and indivisible. The body, soul, and spirit keep us on this treadmill of time by creating karma that deliberately obscures our vision. Body, soul, and spirit are kept in place even though they are the result of the identities we accumulate through time and therefore are illusional creations.

First of all, the fictitious belief in the law of compensation creates karma. The law of compensation can only exist if we believe in limitation. If we function from the true identity of an eternal being, similar to a current flowing through an ocean of the infinite without any shores, then we will understand it is not possible to owe anything to anybody.