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Accept That You Are the Source of Your Own Life

Accept That You Are the Source of Your Own Life Metatron through Lois Noonan

Greetings! All is well and everything is on track within the hands of creation. And as always, we bless all souls for the highest good of all within the experiences they have chosen. Know this well! Create to your heart’s content, dear ones, and trust it to be within the higher picture. You create your role within your own experience. No two lives are identical, and no two lifetimes are identical either. There is no room for boredom! This keeps the experiences exciting and hopefully progressive. You, dear ones, are the miracles of creation, and so shall it be.

A quiet moment’s reflection will amaze you. You have great depth, dear ones. Use it, allow for it, and give it room to rise up and entertain you with the miracles that abound in your history. Draw on the lessons you’ve learned and the insights you have uncovered. You are all connected to God and therefore have access to some of his talents. Yes, it may be a small part within the totality of creation, but it is a great step for humanity. Are you willing to take it? Are you able to take it? Know that we are with you and will share with you for the highest good of all!

What do you perceive to be the highest good of all? Is it merely physical acquisitions? We believe differently. Learn to know yourself with love and without delusions or negativity. Find all the places of love and light and dwell there among them. There is a pipeline. Your irrational level is the key. Negative, angry expressions are true to their source if you also want to bewitch. In the higher vibrations, you must be willing to make the choice and pave the way.