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You Have Put the Power of Love Into Practice

You Have Put the Power of Love Into Practice Archangel Michael through Lois Noonan

We are with you, dear ones, because we are all from the same Source. For eons of what you call "time," we have been choosing different experiences. It is wondrous to be able to talk to you about this now. Nothing is hidden unless you refuse to look. Creation is a miracle from the Source of all energy—God.

We have been given the gift of manipulating this vibration field. All souls who chose Gaia as a field for testing their skills in a medium of duality were very confident indeed. Your sparks of light were nearly extinguished but not totally. The Source nurtured your spark, and the rest has been up to you.

How to Expedite the Ascension

You have succeeded, dear ones. You have succeeded in recalling the power of love and once again putting it into practice, so to speak. You have raised the vibrations and Gaia can ascend. You will come with her, of course. This is ascension! You are free to continue your exploration of All That Is in the endless space of God's creation.