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The Year 2012 Is the Year of Transformation

The Year 2012 Is the Year of Transformation Isis through Robert Shapiro

Greetings. The year 2012 is the year of transformation, but this is not a transformation that will simply happen. This is a transformation that you can bring about. For some time now, the books, this magazine, the blogs (in part), and the videos (in part) have been easing you slowly into understand that in order to transform your world and everything on it so that everyone and everything is in accord with all other portions of your world—and hence in accord with the universe—you must be participants. You cannot stand or sit idly by while someone comes along and does it for you. But this is good, because many of you would prefer to be involved, to support this project of transformation, and to even be mainstays of this project. Therefore a great many of you—including many who do not read or watch or participate in this work in any way but are involved in other philosophies, beliefs, and ways of life—have been working on transformation as well.

In the past few hundred years, transformation has involved moving parts of Earth and transforming them with this or that amalgamation of metals and minerals from the earth and causing them to change and to change others through technology as applied in many ways to support human beings and, to a lesser degree, the other beings on the planet. Now it is time for you to participate in a way that allows you to experience and provide transformation for yourselves and others. For those of you who are conscious of or doing living prayer or benevolent magic, this is what I recommend you do for now: Begin by asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for you be all around you and all about you. Pause for a moment; you may feel some energy come up. Wait until it fades just a little bit: This is the beginning of the activation cycle. Once this starts to fade and you can speak—but not before you can speak, not willfully, just speaking gently—then say:

"I am asking that I be able to contribute in word, in deed, in action, or in energy now to help 2012 to be the most benevolent year on the planet and that this energy of transformation help all beings and the planet itself to feel in complete comfort and happiness with all life."

Now, you understand that this is not a direct action, but it has to do with a preparation for a direct action: The year 2012 will be something that you will be prepared for. By the time December comes along, those of you who have said this and done this in the way I recommend, especially if you've been working on these things for a time, will begin to feel a very benign and benevolent energy on a regular basis—if you don't already feel it now. It will not change you, but it will be an answer to the requests you have made. Some of you might even feel it before December.

This will help you not only to interact with life and the world in 2012 but to transform many things so that they will be more benevolent for you, your loved ones, your family, your friends, your community, and the world. This is not about commanding. It is not about demanding. It is not about forcing. It is entirely about easing—not unlike getting up from a chair, feeling a little bit . . . perhaps you have an injury or discomfort and someone says, "Oh, let me help you" or somebody is just helping you out when you need it in that moment. You know, sometimes someone will help you out and you don't particularly need it and you politely say, "Oh, thanks, but I've got it," or else you allow them to help you and you say, "All right." But when you need it, you feel the difference. You might say a thank you in a more heartfelt manner, or you might feel a relief because you got help—and many other reactions. For now, though, you can begin to take the simple action I suggested. Much more will be given in the December Predictions Issue of this magazine, and I will continue to offer such support for the coming year. So that's all I'm going to say about that for now. Good life.