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What 2011 Is All About: The Year of Compassion

What 2011 Is All About: The Year of Compassion Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It's a core group here and there are many old souls. Not all that sit in the seats are old souls, but most are. The attribute of an old soul is a Human Being who has been on the Earth over and over in different expressions, which you would call incarnations. Inside yourselves, as you sit in the chair, you know it. For you know how things work. Inside, you feel that which is a wise Human Being.

Your Innate Cellular Intelligence

So again we call on what we call "innate." This word indicates a cellular intelligence that you have inside; it often stands apart from you, but it knows you. It is what you trust when you decide to do things such as muscle testing and kinesiology. It lives in the field of the intelligent DNA. This innate cellular intelligence is what talks to you and says, "You've been here before." If you were to examine yourself right now and ask, "Have I been here before? Is any of this true?, it will give you the chills, give you the acknowledgement, and give you the joy of the feeling that you cannot fake. These are validations that come from inside and say, "Yes, you're part of a grand plan that you don't know about when you're here. You've helped set the stage for an event on the planet that the consciousness of humanity has only dreamed about for millennia, and here you are."

As you sit here, you're in a place of study [Channel's Note: This channeling took place in a school theater]. You're in a place that wants to know more about the energy that is taking place. You're in a seat, on purpose, in a venue that is designed for teaching. One speaks to many and many speak to one—that tells a lot to Spirit about who is here and why. Very few are here to be entertained. We are aware of the ones who are here because of the ones next to them. We are aware of the shamans in the audience. We are aware of the old souls, the Lemurians —a few from Tibet, several from India.