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Welcome the Peoples of Japan They Will Be Great Citizens

Welcome the Peoples of Japan They Will Be Great Citizens Isis through Robert Shapiro

Many of you around the world have been alarmed, upset, and really touched in your hearts by the plight of the people of Japan with their recent tragedies and shocking circumstances. Because of ongoing problems in Japan, some of which might be nerve-racking for the people, peoples who have considered but not really acted on a desire to emigrate will be thinking about that now. And in some situations, it might actually be desirable and even necessary for many peoples to move out of Japan.

I'd like you, especially along the west coasts of North and South America and in countries in Europe and other places, to consider welcoming them and expediting the possibility for them to immigrate. These are cultured people. They are smart people. They are people who work hard and are not shy about working, and they are also people who are entrepreneurial and like to create things that will employ many peoples.

A lot of people in North and South America in recent years have been bemoaning their economic difficulties, but here's a potential for a wave of immigrants—if they choose to immigrate. Here's the potential for people coming to your countries who will actually improve the economy. I'm not talking about people who will be living on some kind of a social service program that you have to provide. I'm talking about people who will come in and hit the ground running, so to speak—an old line that just means that they'll be ready to take action, to do things, to create businesses, to be good employees, everything.