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Tuning In and Synchronizing with Potential Life Paths

Tuning In and Synchronizing with Potential Life Paths Simion through Amariah Mara

The task of becoming a balanced soul will become easier as you get closer to the cosmic energy infusion event. All the efforts you make now will allow you to make the necessary frequency modulations to take advantage of the recoding of your DNA strands. The struggles you are enduring to overcome your self-interested focus and to expand your mental and spiritual picture are pushing your envelope of potential. When the time comes for your DNA activation, you will have fused lines of energy that will open you to universal connections.

As you continually clear away the overgrowth in the path to your dream world, each traversal gets less cumbersome. Then, seemingly miraculously, new paths to that vision will be revealed and will already be cleared. The next time the trail may be in a completely different octave. It is not required that you master the art of using your higher faculties now. All you need is the intention to become balanced and let go of the illusory identities and beliefs that are holding your soul back from seeing its true path.

Finding the Path That Reveals the Most Light

Your soul is held back from flowing with the ebb of its destiny by any belief that does not encompass your eternal light and inherent divinity as a creator. Each time you are able to see yourself as a being of light that is integral to all creation, you can spread this energy and see with your soul-mind's eye. You will know which ebb to flow with and which to let go of.