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The Solution Is Simple, But No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy

The Solution Is Simple, But No One Ever Said It Would Be Easy Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

I greet you once again, beloved students, in the midst of the flow of transformation of your planet. While chaotic, the current time is not without powerful meaning in the lives of each one of you. How are you harvesting and integrating the powerful lessons of this time? When you look out at the sea of humanity, what are you able to observe about the collective process that can be helpful to you in charting your own path of wisdom? Some of you may be noting that perhaps the "you" who now approaches September 2011 seems to be somehow different from the "you" who entered 2011 some eight months ago.

Indeed, the fact that you have made some shifts in the past eight months is not a particularly amazing feat, since all of you are changing and shifting all the time. However, what may stand out at this juncture is the fact that many people are noticing the shifts they have made thus far in 2011. As we noted last month, the old Taoist saying that "things exist only to change" seems particularly poignant today. While it may be one thing to perceive the shifts taking place in the world and in one's self, it is quite another thing to negotiate well the changing landscape of both the mind and the planet.

In truth, there are many influences affecting both personal and planetary consciousness levels that could be designated as areas for special attention at the present moment. Without minimizing the effects of any single area, perhaps some solid planetary service could arise from our looking deeply into the matter of fear. As you may have already concluded from your experiences, many people the world over are involved in some dance with fear. This can be witnessed at a personal level, certainly, but it is also readily observable at many collective levels as well.