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Shamanic Wisdom: Being Power-Filled (Powerful)

Shamanic Wisdom: Being Power-Filled (Powerful) Jan Engels-Smith

Note: The publisher disclaims any liability for injury, including but not limited to death and damage to property, sustained by anyone taking part in any acts (for example, firewalking) described in this article.

People who have power—spiritual power—are people who have learned how to work with energy. Working with energy requires an understanding of both scientific laws and universal laws. Scientific laws change as science progresses. Once there were laws that supported the beliefs that Earth was flat and located at the center of the universe and that light only travels in a straight line.

These laws held true until science advanced to discover other possibilities—at which time, new scientific laws emerged. In other words, scientific "proof" supports a set of beliefs until a new scientific model redefines reality. Many scientific truths have passed into myth. Bear in mind that "myth" only exists from the vantage of hindsight; it was truth in the context of the time that spawned it.

If history is an accurate predictor of our future, then we must assume that the current scientific truths will eventually become myth as new truths emerge. How confident of our scientific truths can or should we be? The American dramatist Arthur Miller observed, "An era can be said to be at an end when its basic illusions are exhausted." Our mental models of reality may never be more than illusions that we as a culture have commonly agreed on. The models have the feel of truth because they are widely shared. They create our current paradigm.