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Relax Into the Sweetest Moment of All

Relax Into the Sweetest Moment of All The Nameless One through Nyima Tenzin

Throughout the arc of history, throughout what you have defined as time, throughout what is beyond that—and beyond that—there has existed a pause within this creation. This pause has allowed for a deliberate way of reframing—of refining and redefining existence—so that lateral movement exists and there can always be movement. And in this lateral movement, there has been confusion between what you define as radial movement and parallel movement. And in this confusion, worlds have actually been created that exist in realms that feel like they are beyond, but they never are. It's the illusion that they are. It's the thought that they are. It's the misperception that they are.

Accept the Pause and Learn to Create Within It

All of the alternate realities have been designed and created through this illusion—realities that have sometimes revealed themselves as coexisting with this reality, pulsing within this reality as the sweetness that offers a deeper understanding of the frequency range that the All beats to. And in this illusion of untouchable alternate realities grew the fear of the pause between this reality and the perception of alternate realities. Then the pause that was meant to create a sweetness and a beauty was redefined to create urgency, and this beautiful pause now feels like it's hesitancy. It feels uncomfortable in your being, and it creates a cringing in your cellular structure. In this cringing is the desire to cry and mourn, and to not know what you're crying or mourning for. It is so uncomfortable that you try to create ways to jump over this pause. You try not to celebrate this pause, drink in this pause, or create within beauty in this pause. And so it is, and so it has been.

So as we now enter this beautiful transition period, we enter something so exquisitely delicious that when your cellular structure drinks it, it gives you a great joy. It is the sweetest nectar of all, the most ahhhh of the calm and the beauty and the exquisiteness that has ever been. It's all there; it's all there right now. But because of this memory of what you've done and how you've distorted the pause, you are uncomfortable in this moment. Because it's the moment of the pause, and the pause yields an exquisite beauty that is unknown to you, you are uncomfortable. If you could just drink and delight in this moment, breathing into its soft, exquisite breath and allowing yourself to relax, you could actually dive into this pause that is the most refreshing oasis that you've even known. And from there, you can create and design in a way that's never been done before.