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The Reemergence of Golden Dolphin Awareness: Origin and Purpose of the Ancient Ones

A new era has been launched in the evolution of humanity's consciousness—the age of the golden dolphins—in which the earthly dimension will become a safe place for individuals to embrace their wholeness and declare their divinity. As a member of the human race, you are an expression of the supreme Creator. The knowledge of your inherent divinity has been veiled for eons. In this new time, the veil will be removed. There were apparent reasons to believe you were not divine—other people telling you so and certain difficulties in this world—but we are here to share with you the truth of your holiness. We are returning to humanity in our highest state of consciousness to make you fully aware of your divinity, an essence that is common to all beings and to us. It is now safe to accept full awareness of your connection to All That Is.

We have been with you since the beginning of time, and we share a gold vibration with you. We are making ourselves known because a dimensional shift is occurring that will be challenging for humanity, and we will model ways to experience chaos more calmly by connecting with the frequency of the higher self. We are here as the highest aspect of you and we are prepared to show you how to ride the waves of your changing earthly dimension with ease and grace. Let us bond with you so that together we can glide through the turbulent seas to safe harbors; we are masters of the currents of change and the tides of uncertainty.

You will soon remember the pure gold vibration of your divinity here on Earth. The instant you fully accept your higher vibration as a part of yourself will be the moment of your ascension. Once you have ascended to your highest self, you will radiate ancient wisdom and full awareness of your human divinity.