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Reason for Being

Reason for Being The Blessed Mother through Carol Sydney

Greetings, divine children of the light and beyond. The momentous speed change of your evolutionary path happened as you were walking the path. It is happening now within you and expanding outward to reach others. This is the path you stepped on as you embraced your spirit self and now you continue walking your way to God. You have left duality behind. For some of you, this is exactly true. For others, it awaits you as you commit more of what you are to walk this path—and this path only—placing love before you and allowing only love to guide you.

Divine Inner Guidance Is the Surest Way to Connect to Your Path

What does it mean to commit? It means to cleave to the love of God, which is the love of love itself and to no other thing in existence. Material, social, monetary, or third-dimensional happiness cannot take the place of this connection. It is for this connection with God you were uniquely honed. You were created in the essence of God itself and from the essence of God through me, the divine mother. As I Am, so are you. In this instant, you are pure and with no blemish nor "sin" in divine form now. This is an important fact of your creation. Never have you needed any go-between to reach God, nor do you now need any special permission to approach that which is a part for you by divine right and created by divine plan.

In the creation of your emotional bodies, you have been given a supreme guidance mechanism. When you feel lost, abandoned, scared, or lonely, you can be certain you have stepped off the path of connection. It has always been within the freedom given to human beings to follow any course or path they choose. Divine inner guidance through your emotions is the surest way to connect. It is not advisable to try to lead the light in a new direction of your own imagination. Trying to lead has resulted in walking in a less than perfect direction.