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Holding Your Power: Keep the Teachings, Not the Teacher

Holding Your Power: Keep the Teachings, Not the Teacher Eden Clark

I recently attended the Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles. There were hundreds of booths and celebrity lecturers on everything New Age and old age—healing, energy practices, starbeings, planetary shifts, astrology, ascension, evolution, how to save the world, and a whole lot more. It was fascinating but also overwhelming.

There are thousands of religions, healing practices, belief systems, and ways of being to turn to as we seek to grow in our personal evolutions. Tied to this, of course, are the hundreds of teachers, priests, priestesses, or gurus that are the channels and beacons for their particular brands of wisdom. Some claim to be better, older, newer, more tapped in, or more enlightened than others.

In my own life, I've gone from a Presbyterian upbringing to experience atheism, Buddhism, yogic ashrams, Eastern philosophies, ancient Japanese energy practices, Vedic numerology, goddess temples, tantra, shamanic practices, and more. I was a corporate executive by day and an eager sponge of all things esoteric by night.