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Find Your Power and Your Peace

Find Your Power and Your Peace The Novenian Masters through Nanci Paluzzi

Greetings! It is our pleasure to be here with you on this day and to speak with you about the resolution of the conflict that you feel within your world, that you feel within your relationships, and that you at times feel within yourself. We say that it is a matter of taking responsibility for your own thoughts, your own feelings, and your own perceptions, which are directly created by those thoughts.

These thoughts originate within you and were created by your own beliefs about the reality you are experiencing. Your perceptions of your experience are created through those beliefs, through your feelings, and by the thoughts that you form within your own mind.

Realize that in each moment, you are the one who does the choosing. Your perceptions are developed and originate within you. You have been looking at your world backward. In reality, you are not affected by what is outside of yourself. You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions of what you find in your outward experience, as well as your reaction to what you find outside yourself. All thoughts, feelings and perceptions originate within you.