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Earth and Humans Are More Electric Now

Earth and Humans Are More Electric Now Element of Electricity and Zoosh through Robert Shapiro

Now I will speak briefly, and then you will probably hear from Zoosh.

Well, that's wonderful. Welcome.

Thank you. I am speaking for the element of electricity that is being utilized now at the greatest level that Earth has used it for a great many years. She is currently using 3 percent of her electrical capacity. In recent years—say, going back sixty, eighty years or so and before that—she was only using about 1 to 1.5 percent, but she's had to use more lately in order to put herself in balance. Electricity is an element that is generated by bodies in motion. Earth has more motion than her orbit; she has a significant amount of inner motion even relating all the way to surface motion.

As far as planets go that are hospitable to other life forms, Earth is probably demonstrating more motion than most. As a result, she has a considerable amount of electricity that is available to her. This is why human beings generating or in fact temporarily capturing that electricity is completely allowed by Earth, and she will not in any way prevent you from capturing more for your temporary usage—meaning you can store it to a degree, but it continues to move. Electricity as an element must remain in motion. If batteries are developed that are so efficient that the electricity can be stored for over sixty days—and some batteries can do that—they will be prone to break down, and therefore probably the better way to go is electricity reduction through the use of more standardized systems, including solar energy systems.

Now, I am just here to speak for a moment, defining electricity and broadening its parameters a bit, but I am not here to state its source. However, I will say that generally speaking, the centers of any galaxy do create the portals that allow for electrical and magnetic fields. I think this is already known by your people. That's all I'm going to say now, and Zoosh will come in and take up your questions.