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Do Not Wait!

Do Not Wait! The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home. The situation on Earth is becoming very interesting. You are changing the planet, your lives, and the vibrational dimension in which you live so rapidly that even we were not prepared for this kind of movement. It is very exciting for us to watch your rapid evolution, yet many times this will lead to challenges for individuals. You will reach a level and then get stuck. You can re-create the same energy that got you there, but it feels like you hit a wall and cannot go further.

Illusion of the Path

We do not like to use words like "rule" or "law" because the moment we try to show you a universal law, you figure out a way to break it. We think you are so imaginative! There is absolutely nothing that cannot be changed on this planet, yet the certainty of laws, rules, or guidelines that you can follow on a regular basis gives you a feeling of comfort. Let us share with you an illusion that you can start applying in your own world.

The illusion is that you are moving down a path. Because you have always believed the path to be straight, all of your sensors are pointed in one direction. Problems arise when you begin moving in one direction and lose sight of the perspective that led you to choose that path. With limited vision, it is easy to miss a 90-degree turn. Challenges arise because at this time, your path is taking just such a 90-degree turn, but all your systems are so intent on moving forward that you completely miss it.