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Dam(ning) the World's Resources

Dam(ning) the World's Resources Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis

Is it true that Brazil plans to build as many as sixty dams along the Amazon? Can they do that? Will you allow it?

The Earth—my body—is rich in biodiversity of every kind. Every kingdom and element of the earth is supported by my sentience so that its uniqueness can be expressed in a variety of ways, including individuality, creativity, and an ability to discover and evolve its essence.

The Essential Quality in All Things

Essence is the quality or nature of something. It is what identifies something or someone so it can communicate that to others. Essence makes something what it is and is one of the most important and memorable features about almost anything. Essence is what makes things and thoughts perfect even when they do not seem so, because the essential quality in all things always evolves in a manner that contributes or leads to wholeness.

Those who observe essence, or the essential qualities of thoughts and things, often idealize them. In contrast to things that are less than perfect or ideal, these forms reveal a higher perspective; something that one can aspire to or transform into. Essence is pure and complex but not complicated, stylized, or original. It is fundamental and intrinsic unto itself; its reflection is often perceived as a raw beauty or a diamond in the rough. The essential nature of the Earth, which is also one of the embodiments associated with the Gaian purpose, is to provide raw resources for all thoughts and things associated with the evolution of earthly things. This is really the bottom line for the Earth—love and compassion aside—for purposes associated with the present topic.