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Creating World Peace: The Journey from Within

Creating World Peace: The Journey from Within Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

A great awakening is taking place on this planet. I think of it as the Goddess awakening within every soul on Earth, a time when you must come to a greater understanding of the self. So I ask you to think clearly about how to create peace within yourselves.

The main reason you have not achieved peace on Earth is because so many of you are waiting for your political, religious, metaphysical, or spiritual leaders to do it. Do not call on your political leaders to save your world; do not fall prey to all of their fancy words or to the dogma of your religious leaders that the God Creator has no compassion or looks on you with distaste. God Creator has only love for you and knows that in order to create peace without, you must first create it within the self.

I challenge you to will yourselves to be in harmony, to find the reality of peace within. Open your hearts to everything in your lives, knowing that your thoughts create. Others may influence what you think, but you are responsible for your thoughts. The best hope for peace comes from the great clarity that everything in your world is a result of your thoughts.