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Creating Forgiveness

Creating Forgiveness Master Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

My dear friends, I welcome you once again as we meet in the peace, unity and light of Oneness. I ask you to breathe in the light with our energies together as we begin another teaching. The teachings are given to encourage you to recognize and work with light, in both energy and physical form, through your very thought process.

For those of you who have truly listened to my teachings, you have chosen to leave much of the heavier vibrations you encounter in your daily living behind you. You choose to walk, breathe, and live in the energy of light, which is the love of God the Creator. Let us begin once more with this question, given by a soul experiencing much pain in his heart area.

Malcolm in Australia asks: Kuthumi advises us to nurture kind, positive thoughts, saying that our attitude and life will surely change to become more peaceful and tranquil. How can this be achieved when the mind is constantly bombarded with memories of hurt and pain caused by other's words and actions? How can we make forgiveness happen?