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Commitment to Consciousness

Commitment to Consciousness Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

The eclipse on July 1 marked a new threshold, a point where we could reach collectively and individually across the chasm between the old paradigm and the new paradigm. There have been many of these transition points, and there will be many more to come. In fact, some would say that every moment is a significant threshold point. The difference between threshold moments, however, is painted to appear greater in our skies and cosmos during times of eclipses.

This Is No Time to Fear the Unknown

At this time of change, the new world is being created in the minds and hearts of all the world servers. The illusions, glamors, and distortions of the process must come to a close. All conflicts and chaos must move each of you to create the next level of human harmony. It is the time to reconcile with the past, open up the ultraperceptual capacity to understand the past differently, and answer the call to action with commitment and sincerity.

Now, action may not be what you initially think it is. We are not suggesting that you take to the streets, although many will. We are suggesting that you commit to act with the most profound level of consciousness you can access at this point. Crossing the threshold at this time may catapult you into a place you may have never considered consciously before. You may be facing challenges you thought impossible to face. The unknown comes right up to you and you are suddenly within it. This is no time to fear the unknown; it is just time to trust that you will navigate it and respond appropriately to all it asks of you.