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Channeling the New Paradigm

We are currently in the process of evolving into a new paradigm and letting go of beliefs that have been around for hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of years but no longer serve us. By holding on to irrelevant doctrines and belief systems, we render ourselves incapable of creating new ones. We update our operating systems on the computer on a regular basis, yet we still practice religions and maintain customs that are archaic in light of the times in which we live. In many cases, the origins of currently held beliefs are inaccurate, obscure concepts based on misinterpreted translations of ancient texts. Why is our accepted wisdom based on ideas that were developed so long ago? Are we incapable of new wisdom? We consider ourselves so advanced, yet we are dominated by archaic systems and ideas.

Much has changed in the world since ancient times, and now we require new ideas and beliefs that reflect our emerging consciousnesses. It is an enormous waste of energy to hold on to ways of thinking we inherited from ages past unless they are actually appropriate now. The time is approaching for us to grow into a new reality that is more fantastic than anything we have ever known. As we increase in awareness of our place in the universe, we will gracefully enter new levels of consciousness that resonate with the heartbeat of All That Is.

Channels of the New Paradigm

Fortunately for us, new information, pertinent to the evolving consciousness of humanity today is being downloaded and made available to everyone through earthly lightbeings who have devoted themselves to being channels. Just as the ancients had their wisdom and knowledge, so do we. The wisdom of antiquity is beautiful and spiritually invigorating. For all we know, it might have come from the same higher beings that send us pertinent information today through the channels of our age. We are living in different times—new times and uncharted territory. Even though we have assimilated many traditional concepts, we must be willing to imagine the impossible, step beyond the apparent, and integrate what were previously called miracles into our ordinary reality. Then we can advance beyond the mundane existence we have experienced for thousands of years.