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Change the Vibration of Your Body By Changing What You Eat

Change the Vibration of Your Body By Changing What You Eat Amma, Angel Samiel, and Master Kuthumi through Rae Chandran

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Greetings. Today we would like to discuss food. The food that humanity eats has a lot to do with the way people experience life. You have heard the expression "you are what you eat." It is literally true. If you observe carefully, you understand a great deal about people just by noticing the foods they eat. All foods can be categorized into two main factors; masculine and feminine.

What Are Masculine and Feminine Foods? How Do They Affect You?

The purpose of life is to create balance in all areas of expression, and this starts with food because it is food that drives human beings to do things. At the subconscious level of every human being, memory has recorded times when there was no food, whether this happened yesterday or thousands of years ago. Thirty thousand years ago you scavenged for food. There were also times when you killed for food. These memories of not having enough food are still submerged deep within the psyche. Almost all the time most of us eat more than we need because the body remembers a time when we did not have enough. Our natural tendency from a young age is to eat whatever we are given and we grow into that habit.