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Abundance Chief Red Eagle through Riz Mirza

Lately everybody has been talking about the word "abundance." In the old days, abundance meant there was a good harvest. Imagine a very large basket bursting with colorful fruit. Many fish in the net was another example of abundance. That which would feed us for the coming times was considered to be abundance. To feel the love of the tribe, the togetherness, the celebration of the many seasons—that was abundance. We were one with that process of abundance. Whether we were fishing, planting, dancing, or expressing love and joy, it was all about abundance. Now in modern times, abundance has taken a different meaning.

Learning How to Receive Abundance in the Modern World

Mostly it means having lots of money. I am not here to criticize the concept of money. We spirit guides understand it is the progression of society. It is no problem. Money is another way to understand abundance on a particular level that is relevant to your current society. So let us talk about it because I know most of you don't want to talk about fruit and fish and dancing around the fire!

Some people will say that abundance is when your needs are more than met. What if your needs are different? What if your needs are to have a very big house, many cars, many clothes, or lots of fancy jewelry to wear? Material things can bring you delight—perhaps not eternal happiness but certainly delight. How do you get more of these things that you desire in this world? How do you learn to receive them?