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What, Why, Who, How, When, Where . . . If

What, Why, Who, How, When, Where . . . If Ruth Evelyn

The self-vortex activates when the four layers of the self align in commitment. The purpose of the vortex is for the mind to activate itself. It is the self that is the activating component of mind. As a vortex system spinning in directional spiral, touching itself to physical dimensions, its power creates a vacuum force that pulls to it all that is in resonance with what is already created within itself. You, the human, are the vehicle through which the experience of matter is at play. It is your self. It is your vortex.

As a human body, you have a self that considers, believes, knows and is. Your four layers of self are the human, the soul, the universal and the cosmic. Commitment is a frequency that bonds any relationship through its evolution of growth. Commitment of all self components to activate vortex fulfillment triggers life events that often twist the human life into unfamiliar territory— its dimensional world. The initial commitment, however, is the cosmic self activating itself through the dimensional layers of nonmatter into matter. In those moments I am reminded that I create the world I experience. There has always been a question that voiced itself off in an unknown corner: "Yes, but at what level did I create it?" Before my self-vortex became known to me, I did not know that a self-vortex existed nor did I know that activation was part of the process. Committing to its activation was not a conscious human act.