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Strategy to Improve the Now

Strategy to Improve the Now Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. In living, there are few things that are certain. This can cause an element of fear to exist in each being. Fear is not a wrong emotion, but often fears are not necessary. A small amount of thought can allow for a better reaction to certain situations that exist in life. Fear has a purpose, but it is not a thing that should control you. Fear of a bee sting is appropriate, but once you recall that a bee's purpose is not to sting but to pollinate, you are more apt to see the beauty of this creature. The bee does not want to sting. It wants to live and fulfill its purpose.

In this same way, balanced members of the family human are at their best when they are allowed to live a fulfilled life. One fear many have is the fear of death, yet death is one of the few certainties that everyone faces. Let us apply a small amount of thought to the idea of death and bring some insight into the action of passing away from life in the realm of gravity.