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Spaciousness and Choiceless Awareness

Spaciousness and Choiceless Awareness St. Francis through Anina Davenport

Many of you who have been raising frequency for years report a feeling of spaciousness in your bodies. Where does this come from and what does it mean? Space is what you are. Space, love, emptiness, consciousness, pure energy—all are terms for the same thing: your Self (with a capital S), the true Self, the one Self. As you have been releasing denser energies— such as old trauma, old beliefs and stuck emotions—your true Self has been able to shine through. Like a lightbulb that had become dusty and did not shine much anymore, your Self had become obscured by the dust of fearful beliefs, misconceptions, defenses and so on. As the dust has been removed through the clearing of such energies, the true Self is able to shine through more, and your body feels more spacious. Although illness and tensions might still be there, you do not feel so burdened anymore. You feel freer. You feel more your Self.

In readings we help people clear themselves and one question we get a lot is: Will this clearing ever stop? The short answer is, "No, but it does get easier." Why does it get easier? It gets easier because the freer you become, the less you identify with the small self or the false self. So instead of saying (and feeling) that I (the small self) am depressed, you experience it more like depression is there. You feel your Self as free and you see depression energy, which is usually a combination of stuck sadness and anger rising up from within. You might even see it as energy—maybe a grey cloud coming up from your stomach being transmuted into higher light by the light of your consciousness, or someone else's if you are working with a healer, for example, or if a spiritual teacher is working on you.