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Signs Of Our New World Emerging

Signs Of Our New World Emerging The Star Elders through Aluna Joy

During a ceremony circle with a group of old and new friends atop a red-rock vista in Sedona, Arizona, I received a message about the birth of the new world and how the dimensions are beginning to merge. Our group circled together, and immediately I began to see heart cords emerging from everyone's hearts and merging at the center of our circle. All of our cords began to braid like an intricate weaving. This unified cord began to rise up, and then it opened like a moon jelly fish of light—it was our collective lightbody. It was very beautiful.

The tentacles of light that draped down were anchored to the earth all across Sedona. It appeared that the points these chords of light were anchored to were in very specific areas. At first I thought our ceremony was just about anchoring light in Sedona, but quickly the vision grew.