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The Quantumness of You

The Quantumness of You Serapis Bay through Rae Chandran

Greetings, my dear pathfinders. This is Serapis Bay, the chohan of the fourth ray. I bring you greetings from my heart. It is such a joy and pleasure to be able to communicate with you in this manner, when the veils are parted a little and we can touch and feel you a bit more than before. Never in the history of this planet has so much guidance and wisdom been imparted. This is because your souls have asked for it in order to know more. This desire to know more has shifted the vibration of this planet. The desire to know yourselves has changed the entire game board of this planet. Now you are creating the new game, one that is being played and that you will play. What game will you create? That is the question. Will it be a game of the heart or a game of the mind and personality? When you combine the two—the heart and the mind—then you have a very powerful tool in your hands by which to mold your game.

The mind is a very powerful tool, and its power can be harnessed to create. One of the ways to harness the power of your mind is through deep concentration. Deep concentration is the ability to focus your attention on the experience you are having. When you take time to go into a state of deep concentration, you are fully engaging your mind in the limited spectrum of awareness that your mind is capable of experiencing. But the capacity of the mind is unfathomable. Only through deep meditation can you go into these deep recesses of your mind. Why it is important to go deep into the mind? What is its purpose?