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Perception of God

Perception of God Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There would be those who would wonder about the consciousness of God and how it is that such a high-vibrating attribute could ever be presented in 3D. After all, channeling is supposed to represent the consciousness of God through a Human Being, so how can that be? And so we again tell you that this is the puzzle of what you see happening now.

Many Humans come to this planet designed to be the spiritual translators of such an event. Many are in the room now, and we know who they are. It goes well beyond those who would channel, as my partner is doing right now. It also extends to those who call themselves healers in this room, for they have the same task as the channel or the teacher, and that is translating a perceptual, metaphorical message into something that is 3D and practical. Healers often stand before a person who has come before them for help, and the healer's intellect knows less than half the story. The discernment of their higher selves and the energy that pours to them, which we call channeling, gives them the rest of the picture. It tells them where to touch and what energies to develop. It gives instructions whether to be soft or energetic. This is channeling.