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Passage Of Worlds Crop Circle

Passage Of Worlds Crop Circle Crop Circle Group Coordinator through Robert Shapiro



I am, you might say, a coordinator for all of the various groups who are leaving these messages on living matter for the beings on Earth to recapture, to an extent, your natural, native, visual language. Language on Earth has been keeping you apart as it's become more and more precise and individualistic. And although this has its advantages to understanding nuances in individual languages, it has actually served to separate people a bit more.

In ancient times, people would use signs and gestures— not signs the way they're used in your now time with precise sign language, but just very basic gestures—as well as pictures drawn on the ground with a stick and so on to understand what needed to be understood. It's not that they didn't have language to speak among each other in various family, clan or tribal groups, but rather when interacting with anyone who did not speak their language, this is what they would do.