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Otherworldly Influences

Otherworldly Influences Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. As you open your awareness to a new octave, you increase your sensitivity to beings from higher dimensions. There will be fourthdimensional entities and others beyond that who are prepared to greet you and expand your connection to them. Your sphere of interdimensional understanding will grow tremendously and allow you to have relationships with a greater galactic assembly. Your species will develop its discernment and frequency-detection abilities so that you can open communications with a wider array of beings from higher dimensions and other worlds.

As lightbeings involved in assisting evolutionary cycles, we can assist your links with other life forms and further aid your soul evolution into and out of space and time. In this sense, we can act as intermediaries and liaisons in your interactions with many beings, if you desire such connections.