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One Hundred Percent Enlightened Living

One Hundred Percent Enlightened Living Sarrinn with the Ancients through Daniele DeVoe

Welcome, lightworkers! Are you enjoying the excitement of your times? Are you loving the chaos, the change, the potential and the timelessness? Are you learning to work with the timelessness of the now experience as the prophecies of the Maya (and so many other prophecies) approach their appointed time? We hope you are, because it is what you came into this lifetime to experience. It is what all of you lightworkers volunteered for—and we are so grateful that you did! You are the hands and feet of the divine as this momentous and unique transition evolves. You are the hearts and minds of the Mother/Father God as your planet and all her partners ascend. You are the connector between heaven and earth, and you make this illusion that you call reality wonderful.

Many are asking what the purpose of lightworkers is becoming, and our answer is that there are many purposes. One of the primary ones is to stop sitting around being and start getting active doing! Does this sound like heresy to you? Are you still immersed in the teachings that guide you to be rather than to do? For decades now, one of the more popular New Age admonitions has been for true seekers to remember that they are human "be-ings" rather than human "do-ings." As a result, many lightworkers have used their meditations to develop their spiritual understandings, and innate connection to their own divinities, and what a wonderful job they have done! They can now meditate easily, feel their inner guidance clearly, realign, rebalance, release and relax at will. Still, they wonder what their purpose is—and we want you to understand, purpose implies action. It inspires lightworkers to take all they have learned and attained during their states of be-ing and get busy do-ing.