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Mother Earth's Physical Connection to the Human Body

Mother Earth's Physical Connection to the Human Body Vywamus through Sheila Simon

Welcome, my friends. This is Vywamus speaking. Mother Earth needs your loving attention right now as she transitions through changes in her elliptical orbit around the Sun. As Mother Earth moves closer to the Galactic Center of the Milky Way on December 21, 2012, everyone needs to develop a deeper awareness of how Mother Earth's physical body is reflecting back to humanity the interconnectedness of your human body with hers. Every part of your human body is directly linked to all the parts of her, and as these energies accelerate, humans need to understand how to connect and heal their own physical imbalances. She is hemorrhaging right now on the Gulf Coast and beginning to lose her elasticity and mineral content in her fault lines.

Mother Earth's fault lines are equivalent to your joints. Have you been having problems with arthritis, joint pain, electrolyte imbalances and general stiffness, aches and pains? As Mother Earth develops aches and pains, so does the human race! As you siphon off her fluid—her oil—it will cause her fault lines to lose their equilibrium and she will move into imbalances humans have never experienced before. Her joints—those fault lines—will continue to jam and cause more earthquakes.