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The Metaphor of the Tree

The Metaphor of the Tree Merlin through Therese Dorer

The vision I see is a swirling purple mist that flows toward me. I then notice that the mist begins to have an outline, and before me is an apparition of a short man with sparkling cobalt-blue eyes, white hair, a long beard and a huge smile. He doffs his cap to me and introduces himself as Merlin.

Welcome, my dear ones; it is good to be with you today. I ask you to hear my words and bring them forth to the beautiful citizens of the world. I wish to speak about perspective and the importance of maintaining a proper perspective for your life. You receive many messages every day that flood your consciousness. These messages come through the media, newspapers, television, radio and the Internet. These messages are pervasive, and I see them as tiny arrows that penetrate your energy field and pollute your inner knowing. It is important for you not to give your power away to these messages and believe them as the absolute truth, for they are only one perspective on the truth.